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How to correctly specified order and the valve?

We hope to be able to help you in all kinds of pipeline environment choosing the correct valve. We provide a variety of valve for your choice. These valves in this website are introduced in detail.
In choosing the most suitable valves for your service (should be cautious. The aloyco product line makes available to you a very broad choice of valves. When requesting quotations and/or ordering, should to need a comprehensive, proper valve.

Select the valve size
The valve must determine the nominal size of the pipeline.
The valve materials
In determining the correct valve materials, should consider the following factors:
The valve to control, fluid medium
The temperature range, fluid
The valve shall undergo, pressure range
The job may affect valve, climatic conditions
Valve, and may be subjected to the abnormal pressure or stress
To meet, the safety standards or plumbing codes
The valve type
The control function of the valve is what? Each valve configuration has been developed to perform certain control functions. Do not expect one type of valve to all the valving jobs in a system.
Pressure and temperature ratings
In order to meet the practical need, please pay special attention to the required in aloyco valves. Should pay special attention to the packing and gasket materials, these materials to a considerable extent decided in aloyco valves. According to the actual need to specify the packing and gasket materials to meet or exceed the actual demand.
The valve and the connection mode
To pipeline integrity, future maintenance, corrosion factors, field assembly, weight and safety, etc. Are decided the valve and pipeline connection mode should be considered.
Operation mode or operating methods
According to the valve type, size, pressure, temperature, installation environment factors such as the selection of appropriate operation mode or operating methods.
The valve order
Ordering, please provide the following information, to avoid unnecessary delays and to ensure that the purchase of valve you need the valve.
1 valve size
2 stress interface materials: casting and components.
3 type of valve - gate, globe valves, check valves, butterfly valves, globe valves, etc.
4 terminal connections, if the connection way, but also provides for the welding connection pipe wall thickness, If the connection is flange, provide flange surface or polishing.
5 any standard: sealing material, gasket, bolting, etc.
6. Any accessories - acid shield, locking devices, chain operation, etc.
7. Artificial or power actuators, please include details of requirements.
8 for ordering convenience, please be sure to specifications.

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