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1. According to the structure form classification
(1) center sealing butterfly valve
(2) single eccentric sealing butterfly valve
(3) eccentric sealing butterfly valve
(4) triple eccentric butterfly valve seal

According to the classification of sealing material 2)

(1) soft sealing butterfly valve.

1) seal by nonmetal soft materials for nonmetal materials soft.
2) by metal hard seal of nonmetal materials soft materials.

(2) metal hard seal valve. Seal hard material by metal to metal hard materials.

3 according to the classification of sealing

(1) mandatory sealing butterfly valve

1) elastic sealing butterfly valve. Sealed pressure valve closed by extrusion seat when disc, seat and disc flexibility
2) plus torque sealing butterfly valve. Sealing pressure in the valve shaft of plus torque

(2) ChongYa sealing butterfly valve. Sealed pressure from the valve seat or play a seal components ChongYa produce
(3) automatic sealing butterfly valve. Sealed pressure by medium pressure automatically generated.

4 in work pressure

(1) the vacuum valve. Working pressure below standard of the atmosphere.
(2) low-pressure valve. The nominal pressure of PN < 1.6 MPa.
(3) medium butterfly. The nominal pressure for 2.5 - PN 6.4 MPa.
(4) high-pressure valve. The nominal pressure for 10 PN. 0-80.0 MPa.
(5) ehv butterfly. The nominal pressure of PN > 100MPa valve.

According to the classification of 5 working temperature

This valve (1). T > 450 C
(2) temperature butterfly. "T < 120 450 C butterfly
(3) temperature butterfly. A "t" 40C, 120 C
(4) temperature butterfly. A 100 < t < a 40 C
(E) ultra-low temperature butterfly. T < a 100 C butterfly

6 in connection classification

(1) the wafer butterfly valve.
(2) flanged butterfly.
(3) is a type of butterfly ears.
(4) welding type valve.

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