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The journalist from steel enterprises and research institutes to pull steel, steel enterprises, alleviate the dilemma faced losses, the relevant departments of the state is relevant policy, our research or from January 1st to cancel a year and a half of the steel export license management system.

If cancelled steel export license management system, the extent to which it will relieve the plight of domestic steel? This will generate much steel exports force? Reporter yesterday interview experts and part of the small and medium-sized steel enterprises.

Enter 2008, especially since the financial crisis, the steel industry development into the downturn, steel prices dropped sharply, corporate profits, KuiSunMian continued expansion.

"The current domestic steel industry or in the export license, cancel the steel in extent pull steel exports key or to see the price in the international market. Shougang corp said the deputy director of the academy development GanXiaoQing. He thinks that if the international market in China, and even continued slowdown cancel steel license management system of export will produce too much force. And because of that shougang steel production is the main high value-added products, or cancel the export license for large iron and steel enterprise not too much influence.

Baosteel DingZhiJiang researcher at the institute of steel industry, steel export licenses for cancellation of small and medium-sized enterprises have slightly bigger.

Rizhao DongFeng iron and steel group, said vice minister of rizhao iron and steel group is mainly used do export trade, May 2007 national steel export license system, steel group, national policy limit exports are to develop domestic market, if the next country export license system, cancel steel, steel group will still be hard to the international market. DongFeng says, at the present time, steel group are losses, but as for operating steel industry, a series of positive policies that domestic steel industry can survive the winter.

The whole situation for next year's steel industry, that in the first half of next year, GanXiaoQing steel industry will continue in the second half, and under the influence of national policy, may have certain, but overall situation of the year will be difficult.

Steel export license management system in May 20, 2007 formally began implementation of this policy, the purpose is to implement the energy conservation and emission reduction, restrain exports of low-end steel products, steel industry, excessive growth of healthy development.

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