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Regardless of the cost, encourage the green environmental protection

Recently a global public opinion polls from 21 countries with 69 percent of respondents in renewable energy movement, they hope leaders slowly do more, even if the state public expenditures, also should be encouraged to develop clean energy.
Survey results from December to polish this southern climate change conference leaders sent clear signals, this meeting for 2009 a limit of international treaties greenhouse gas emissions.
The Christian science monitor ", university of Maryland responsible attitude project international policy Steven Kurt (StevenKull) said: "the public is ready to take action, and the government is a lot of work aside." This investigation in the project under the direction of range, in 21 countries.
For more on solar and wind power generation, the people gave a continuous and strong support, said: "I was deeply impressed. People think this is a kind of investment and transition, they are very optimistic."
Buenos Aires, Argentina, from South America to Africa Kenya Nairobi to Beijing, only 40 percent of respondents need more coal, oil and nuclear power plant.
77 percent of respondents government should seriously more solar and wind power system, 69 percent of respondents, utility companies have the obligation to use more of renewable energy, "even though it will be in short-term inside increase energy costs.
58% of respondents also said that if the money is used to help enterprises to better save energy, they are willing to pay higher prices. In the long run, two-thirds of respondents thought, traditional energy to alternative energy, will not harm economy, but also can save money.
For the oil supply concerns
Kurt, said dr. In these figures, reflect the people behind on climate change and the oil supply reliability and cost of worry. He said: "that makes people for renewable energy."
London think-tank Chatham's institute (ChathamHouse) energy experts, Anthony's AntonyFroggatt (spare) says, "energy security and climate change" in many parts of the world is quite serious, "the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency, can solve these two problems."
Meanwhile, the survey also shows that seems more and more people believe that fossil fuels to renewable energy, and provides a feasible close economic benefits.
U.S. Apollo alliance (ApolloAlliance) spokesman Keith schneider (KeithSchneider) that Obama recently in the U.S. presidential election victory is the trend of the signal. Obama is planning in 10 years of "clean" investment $150 billion, create five million new jobs. Apollo alliance business, by the trade union and environmentalists, advocate "clean technology rapid development.
On Tuesday, the republicans and the Democrats all governor TV talk, Obama said, although economic weakness, but he doesn't intend to weaken or postponed its ambitious reduction plan. He said: "it is a challenge to face, delay is no longer a choice, is no longer acceptable refused."
The economic crisis reassure enthusiasm
Kurt forecast, in the short term, turn in renewable energy, considering the transfer of the initial investment cost, the financial crisis and a global recession in global public enthusiasm "may have some negative effects".
Push the "green" the Cleantech group enterprise investment, executive director of the Dallas DallasKachan (that) camp card, a year ago, also is in the "rising prices make people more care about his wallet not polar ice" before the public attention to climate change is more apparent.
Investors to "clean technology support
Kurt figures show that, for the great changes "is an important support, even if they are not ready for six months before that." Investors to "clean" interest is still strong growth, card that, at the first nine months of the year, investors have invested $6.6 billion, more than 2007 annual sum by 10%.
In fact, renewable energy advocates also insisted renewable energy to promote growth, increasing employment commitment. Fletcher rao think-tank energy experts Colgate said: "a lot of people think, current situation provides a chance, it is a must-see we create new" green. Development of renewable energy, improving energy efficiency is to develop the economy of the basic part."
Kurt also pointed out: "Mr Obama will substitute energy as its work is an important part of the program, this kind of means is very popular. This will happen in other countries. When it with attention to climate change is the long-term, timeliness is very attractive.
But not willing to pay for the new technology transformation of government spending, though in public opinion have the tendency of clean energy, to persuade their more quickly to renewable energy is not easy. Kurt said: "the short-term cost is always a problem exists, the current situation of organization of economic interests. Although there are widespread support for energy, but not very well organized."

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