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Product Name: Electric Gate Valve
Product Class: Gate Valve series
Product Standrad: Electric Gate Valve
Date Time: 2009-11-25
Page Key: Electric Gate Valve
Product Detail
1) Size: 1/2 - 40"
2) Class: 150 - 1,500lbs
3) Material: WCB, LCB, CF8 304, CF8M 316, CF3 304L, CF3M 316L, WC1, WC6, WC9, CN7M, Monel
4) Standards:
   a) Design and manufacture: API 600, API 6D
   b) Inspection and test: API 598, API 600, API 6D
   c) End flange dimensions: ANSI B16.5, ANSI B16.47
   d) BW end dimensions: ANSI B16.25
   e) Socket-weld dimensions: ANSI B16.11
   f) Face to face and end to end: ANSI B16.10
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